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Roof Repair, Infrared
Steve and his crew did an excellent job repairing my stack pipe and roof. If I ever need another roof repair they will be the first ones I call. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs any kind of roofing repair.
John Stingbusiness
Fairfax, VA
April 14, 2011
Roofer911 - Northern VA


Fairfax County • Loudoun County • Prince William County • Faquier County • DC

Roof Repair and Leak Specialist

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Roof Repair

Ice Dam Removal:

It may surprise you to hear that approximately 95 percent of all roofing contractors throughout the country do not know the correct procedures for stopping and preventing ice dam problems permanently. This is one of the most common roof repair services performed, and since so many contractors are doing it improperly, a great number of homeowners will suffer ice dam leaks repeatedly.


Roof Repair

Roof Repair:

Roofer911 can provide you with same day roof repairs, ensuring you get the satisfaction in knowing that your home or business will be well protected from future water damages. So if you are in need of serious repairs or you're just want to change the look of your existing roof, give Roofer911 a call at (703) 475-2446 for a free quote...


Infrared Roof Leak Detection

Infrared Roof Leak Detection:

A leak caused by the roof, siding, gutters, windows etc cansometimes be difficult to detect, but even the smallest leak can cause damage to a home or business. It is vital that any leaks be detected and repaired as soon as possible before mold or other costly damages occur. That is why Roofer911 utilizes infrared thermal imaging during our comprehensive Virginia, Va detection services. .


Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and Downspouts:

Whether your gutters are clogged, hanging, or disconnected from their downspouts, bad gutters are eventually bad news for your home. Old or improperly installed gutters can pose a signifcant risk to your home because they do not effectively perform the job that they were installed for channeling waterquickly and efficiently away from your roof and the foundation of your home...


Siding Repair

Siding Repair:

Sometimes, roofing leaks are not the cause of inside water damages; it's a siding leak that's the culprit. From vinyl siding to cedar siding, if your siding has loose, cracked, missing or damaged pieces, it can be a potential leak hazard. Even when regular rains don't make it leak in your home, strong storms and high winds can cause leaks behind damaged siding materials...


Insurance Claims

Infrared Heat Loss Detection:

Insulation that is wet or otherwise damaged will not perform as it was intended. In fact, wet insulation is worse than no insulation and can also cause black mold. Missing insulation is a far more common problem than most people think.


The Experience You Need:

Whether you need a roofng contractor in Northern Virginia, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William or Fauquier County, getting the most out of your roofng repair starts with hiring an experienced roofng company for the job! While some roofng companies might be able to repair roofs cheaply, they might not have the experience to repair correctly to insure a permanent fix! When you're looking for a roofng contractor, be sure to hire one who has plenty of experience with projects similar to yours! Roofer911 has over 38 years of roofng experience; so we've seen it all. Call Roofer911 today at (703) 475-2446 and one of our highly trained crew members will ensure your roofng system gets the proper service and repairs so that you'll never have to worry about your leaky roof or siding again.

Storm Damage Emergency Roof Tarp Service
Storm Damage Emergency Roof Tarp Service

At roofer911 we are very experienced with all types of insurance claims that pertain to bad weather such as damage from hail, rain, snow, and wind. We specialize with getting you're job completed as quickly as possible! That's our specialty! Call today for your free estimate prepared on site, you'll be very pleased you did.

When weather conditions prevent roofers from repairing damages right away; emergency roof tarps can prevent further water damages until our team of qualified roofers can repair the damages. Our highly skilled roofers service all of Northern Virginia and cover both Loudoun and Prince William Counties so we can install an emergency tarp within 24 hours on any 1-3 story residential or commercial structures.

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