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The initial response was very prompt and professional. The estimate and work were reasonable and completed in a professional fashion and I'd recommend your service. Thx
Drew Dunnbusiness
Fairfax Station, VA
May 17, 2010
Roofer911 - Northern VA

Roll Roofing Contractors

Self-Stick Aluminum Roll Roofing

and make quick waterproof repairs

Peel & Seal is a self-stick aluminum roll roofing, which is ideal for roofing a mobile home. This product is available in either reflective aluminum, white or grey coated top surface and features a 10 year limited warranty. Roofing a mobile home is very important, especially when you consider the potential for leaks. Due to some flat roof designs, leaks can create a real problem. Peel & Seal may help to eliminate those leaks because of it’s waterproofing compound and adhesive strength.

Because of their design, mobile homes are especially warm in the summer months because they attract heat. Peel & Seal features a reflective aluminum surface, which will coincide perfectly with the design of a mobile home. The sheet features multiple laminations of specialized aluminum foil, high density polymer films and a thick layer of rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound. The aluminum foil reflects the sun to the lower rooftop temperature, which reduces energy costs by directing the sun away. The Peel & Seal sheet protects against leaks because the peel and seal aluminum roofing rubberized asphalt seals tightly at the overlaps and most punctures. Roofing a mobile home with Peel & Seal will provide a long-lasting waterproof barrier that requires no coating.

Rubberized asphalt will not crack or dry, which is one advantage to Peel & Seal. In addition, it sticks to most surfaces for easy installation and eliminate the movement of water under the membrane. With Peel & Seal, application is instant by simply peeling off the release paper and applying to the roof’s surface. Peel & Seal is fast and simple to install, which eliminates the need for large crews and saves you money.

Peel & Seal is available in various widths from 4 inches to 36 inches. The narrow width rolls can be used for sealing, patching and repairing such as sealing seams on metal roofs and lining leaking gutters.

The 36 inch membrane is designed for full roof applications.

In the roof installation process, Peel and Seal tape is stuck across the panel joints to keep out the rain if the roof covering is lost. The Peel & Seal tape seals the joints between the sheathing panels so rain won't run between them and into the house.

Peel & Seal reflects heat to keep interiors cool and to reduce utility bills. In fact, aluminum surfaced Peel & Seal has qualified for the U.S. EPA Energy Star program for roofs and carries a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

MFM Tape

Eliminates Leaks - Multiple layers of protection seal out water. Rubberized asphalt won't crack or dry.

Sticks to Most Surfaces - Peel & Seal sticks to roof deck for ease of application and to eliminate movement of water under the membrane.

No Coating Necessary - with Peel and Seal roofing you simply peel off the release paper, apply to any prepared surface...and the job is done!

Easy & Fast to Install - Peel & Seal eliminates the need or big crews, hot kettles, torches, adhesives, fasteners, etc. Following the simple instructions anyone can install Peel & Seal using only scissors.

Are you interested in learning more about the different types of cool roofing systems and there benefits?  I highly recommend you view these training videos which may be viewed at

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