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Roof Repair, Infrared
I had a leak this past week after some rain and snow. The source of the leak wasn't easily identifiable to me. I had concern about long term damage, and wanted to get it addressed quickly. I called Roofer911 on Friday afternoon; I looked at many different websites of roofers in the N. VA area, but I was interested in Roofer911 Infrared diagnostics...where was the water coming from, exactly; how could it be determined; and how confident can you be? Steve (one of the owners) came out himself on Saturday morning to meet with me and my wife. It was immediately evident to me he knew what he was talking about. I had done extensive reading, and Steve confirmed much of what multiple expert/authors had suggested. After looking at the roof, I mentioned to Steve that we had recently had an addition added 14 months ago, including a new roof on the entire house (even the "old" part of the house.) Steve said the roof should still be under warrantee, and I realized he was right immediately...I hadn't even thought of it at the time. Regardless, Steve still spent another 20 minutes with me, explaining where he thought the water might be coming in, using Infrared to show me where the ceiling was damp, looking outside the house at the shingles, and describing how the repair should be completed. Remember...this was all AFTER he told me it should be under warrantee, so he knew another contractor would ultimately do this repair. I felt bad...he drove about a half hour to my home early on a Saturday morning. His attitude never changed, from the time he walked in until the moment he left...upbeat, friendly, knowledgeable, and HELPFUL. I have owned 5 homes in 3 states over the past 20 years, and have dealt with MANY contractors. Steve and Roofer911 would be at the top of my list...trustworthy and reliable, two of the most important characteristics when selecting someone to do work for you.
Shawn Henrybusiness
Arlington, VA
April 6, 2013
Roofer911 - Northern VA

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Where the Roof Moss Grows

October 29, 2011 by - 1 Comments

Did you like this?

The term “roof moss” conjures up pictures of quaint country cottages and fairy tales where little old grandmothers treat the children to milk and cookies under a trellis of rose vines. It’s true that a vintage house surrounded by lofty old trees and a soft covering of moss on the cedar shake roof is charming, but do you really want this effect on your house? It might look good but the roof repair cost will be disastrous.

Moss needs to have the right environment to flourish before it can get a form footing on your roof. Anywhere tiny amounts of organic particles get trapped with bits of soil and sand is enough for a moss spore to blossom. Add some shade and humidity to the mix, and eventually you see fresh green growth.

To prevent this from happening, check the low lying areas and seams on your roof where organic debris tends to collect. Take a broom with you to sweep away any leaves or pine needles that have accumulated.

No matter how much you love the trees around your house, you will have to prune the branches if they are encroaching on your roof. You need to have enough air flow over the roof and access to the sunlight to keep the shingles dry. Dampness encourages moss to grow. You also don’t want the trees dropping leaves, sap and seeds on the roof.

The final step is to apply a moss-preventative solution to the roof that will inhibit its growth for a couple years. Next time you have a roof replacement; consider using shingles that discourage roof moss.

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1 Responses to "Where the Roof Moss Grows"

Caleb says:
February 23, 2012 at 12:07 PM

We find in the PNW that many of the advertised moss removal spray treatments are simply not adequate to remove roof moss. We have to use a combination of extremely careful hand removal and treatment to get rid of the moss on asphalt shingle roofs. However, many companies pressure wash or use heaving scrubbing to remove the moss, resulting in significant granule loss.

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