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This was about as simple as it can get. Make a phone call, get the roof inspected, get a fast quote with details of the work and get it fixed the same day at a reasonable price with follow-up. That's the way customer service should be. Thanks for everything.
Doug Atkinsonbusiness
Ashburn, VA
April 12, 2009
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Architectural Roof Shingles Enhance the Value of Your House

October 24, 2011 by - 0 Comments

Did you like this?

architectural roof shingles value
Architectural roof shingles are the latest technology for roofing materials. They are designed from the highest quality materials to not only enhance the cosmetic appearance of your home, but also to give your roof a longer life. The initial expense is more than compensated by the reduction in roof repair costs. Whereas shingles were once considered low man on the totem pole for quality, they now provide amongst the best coverage.

Architectural roofing shingles are also called laminated or dimensional shingles. The common asphalt shingle is made from fiberglass, ceramic-coated granules wrapped together in asphalt. Today, the advancements in manufacturing have launched an entire new product made from synthetic slate. It looks and feels like slate, but is far more durable and handles better because it is made from a polymer composite specially designed for providing safer and longer lasting roofing shingles that look stunning.

There is every reason to have a beautiful house complement your major investment in your home. These shingles have a three dimensional appearance and even emulate cedar shingles. Now homeowners can enjoy the beauty of cedar roves without the natural deterioration of bleaching caused from UV exposure, staining from mold, mildew and moss, and the old age effects of cracking and splintering. Another benefit of these synthetic shingles is they are lightweight and do not require additional support as would slate.

Greater versatility for steep-pitched roofs and turrets has made these shingles very popular with homeowners replacing their roofs as well. Once restricted to normal slate or cedar hues, now a wide variety of color tones are available. Dynamic natural slate as well as warm terra cotta colors and dark greens can be chosen to enhance the beauty and value of hour home with architectural roof shingles.

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