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Why A Skylight Is Leaking

By: Steven Briesemeister

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A skylight is designed to fill your home with sun, but certainly not the rain.  A skylight can be a beautiful addition to any home.  Some people get depressed without sunlight and, for those who fit that description, a skylight can help to make the home bright and cheery.  Unfortunately, nothing is perfect and even skylights can develop structural problems.  But, don’t fret - there are ways get more sunlight, and less rainfall, beaming back into your home.  If you need to find out why a skylight is leaking, there are various reasons.  Your skylight may not be completely closed or the weather seals may be damaged.  Leaks often occur with skylights that are located in very high ceilings, which can cause difficulties in confirming the skylight is completely closed.  Always remember to make sure the skylight is completely closed before deciding that the rain is coming from a more serious situation, such as a leak.

Inclement Weather - A Big Reason Why A Skylight Is Leaking

Skylights may leak during the winter and especially if there is a build up of ice or snow that may cause water to be blocked or built up, which will add weight to the skylight and cause possible leaks.  Homeowners who live in an area which is known for harsh weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or other heavy windstorms may experience a leaky skylight for obvious reasons.  Among them, debris hitting the skylight and causing damage would be a major cause for concern.

Other Reasons Why A Skylight Is Leaking

A leak may also be caused by faulty skylight installation, damaged caulking, damaged flashing near the skylight, leaks from other parts of the home, faulty or damaged roof shingles or even improper repairs.  If a leak originates from another part of the roof, it may make it’s way to the skylight and find an opening into your home.  If there are no obvious signs of skylight damage, consider the possibility that the problem is actually located at another part of the roof.  Check for any signs of damage or change.  If something doesn’t look right, check it out.  Anything that could damage any part of the roof, including debris, heavy rain or other mishap, can effect a skylight.

Call In The Professionals

A leak of any kind, including that of a skylight, is a major problem and requires immediate attention.  Not only can a continued leak cause damage to the structure of the roof, but excessive water can ruin the contents of your home.  A roofing professional will be able to explain why a skylight is leaking and also help with it’s repair.  Working on a roof, especially when wet, can be very dangerous.  So, be very careful when inspecting for damage.  As for repairs, it may be best to leave those to a professional roofing contractor.

Interested in dependable well made skylights for your home or business, please view for more information.  Velux has a long history of fulfilling consumer desires for natural light and ventilation, going all the way back to our founding in Denmark back in 1941.

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