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How To Prepare Your Roof For The Winter Months

Author: Steven Briesemeister -

Homeowners across the globe are preparing for the winter months ahead; and if the past few winters prove as a predictor of what’s to come- darn your snow shovels and rain coats.  Those wet and cold days of winter can damage roofs and homes; that’s why it’s imperative that homeowner’s prepare their roofs by inspecting them, now; too borrow an old adage from the Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared”. 

Heavy snow and ice can damage roofing shingles as well, it can cause damage and warping to rafters and trusses; not to mention add extra dollars to your heating bill.  One sure way to ensure your roof doesn’t gather ice and heavy snow is by installing an attic ventilation system.  Attic ventilation systems allows your attic to circulate air; moving air in and out of your attic will ensure less build up of ice and snow on your roof.  Attic ventilation systems have also been proven to save a homeowner at least 30% on energy bills.  It’s a win-win situation.

Another hazard that often reaps havoc on roofs in the winter months is gutter systems that are clogged with branches, leaves, and other debris.  Inspecting and cleaning your gutters prior to winter is a tedious job- but it pays off in the long run.  Rain water and melting snow can often stand on roofs- ensuring the water has a proper exit route via your gutters and downspouts will allow for you to rest assured that leaks will not occur.  As well, a homeowner may also need to check the fasteners on their gutters.  Many times improperly fastened gutters can cause overflow and build up; as a result- inside walls may become damaged from leaking water.  It’s just as important to check installation- make sure your fasteners from one gutter piece to the next is secure; as well, make sure the gutters attached to your home are tight and secure.

Another culprit that often causes roofs to leak is debris, limbs, and leaves that lay in the valleys of roof lines.  It never hurts to do a thorough walk through of your roof; make sure all the valleys are free and clear of any debris that can add weight and act as a barrier to rain and melting snow.  Valleys in roofs are often the most common place a roof leak can occur; make sure that shingles and roofing materials are adequately protecting this high-prone area for leaks.

Perhaps the number one cause for roofing leaks and damage to homes is due to flashing problems.  Flashing is the aluminum pieces that are often used to protect roofing edges; it’s the only barrier between your under roofing and the elements of outside.  Roof flashing is found around the perimeter of your home; as well, roof flashing is found around roof vents, roof piping, and chimneys.  High winds and heavy winter rains can cause roof flashing to loosen, rip and tear.  If flashing is not inspected prior to those rough winter months- you may have a costly problem on your hands.  Ensure that your roof flashing is not ripped, torn, or coming loose from your home.  If you find an area that looks a little questionable- it’s better to replace it prior to those winter months; flashing costs very little to replace; especially when compared to a replacing an entire roof or repairing a roof leak.

Besides inspecting your roof and preparing it for winter months; a homeowner should also look at other areas of their home.  Make sure your windows are properly sealed; many times an improperly sealed window is the culprit for leaks. As well, homeowners should inspect outside doors and attic insulation.

Preparing your home for winter should start in the Spring or early Fall.  Many times the scope of a proper roof inspection is too much for the average homeowner to do alone.  That’s why at roofer911; a website dedicated to helping meet homeowner’s needs with qualified , professionals can guide you through the process.  The reputable roofers that service homeowner’s at roofer911 offer clients their expert advice in preparing your home for the winter months; their guidance ultimately will save you heartache and money in the long run.

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