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Roofer911 is a true service-oriented company! After owner Steve Briesmeister and his crew ascessed and repaired damage along the back of my home this past spring due to an ice dam, I wanted to be sure nothing else could cause water to ever enter and damage my home again. WIthin the hour, Steve B. was at my home using his infrared camera to pinpoint potential problem areas. Within 24 hours, company reps had replaced the roof over my patio door, rehung/repitched the guttering and sealed my windows to prevent hard, driving rain from being able ever enter my home. I am confident I will get through this winter and any storms, no matter how severe, with no problem. What a wonderful staff of people! Thank you!
Karen Mehallbusiness
Fairfax, VA
December 15, 2010
Roofer911 - Northern VA

How To Find A Flat Roof Leak - Infrared Survey

By: Steven Briesemeister

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A roof leak is caused by one thing - moisture.  This can sometimes be difficult to detect, but technology has provided roofing professionals with a new method of how to find a flat roof leak using infrared survey.  Because of their simplicity, flat roofs are very common.  Unfortunately, also because of their design, a flat roof is more susceptible to water build up and damage.

The Concept Of Finding A Flat Roof Leak With Infrared Survey

It is thought that infrared surveys may help to promote a longer life for your roof.  Inspections, of this type, allows the infrared camera to scan the entire roof area for moisture.  The concept of finding a flat roof leak using infrared survey is quite fascinating.  During the afternoon, the sun heats the roof structure Stockton Infrared. We've taken the guess-work out of finding flat roof leaks, with it’s warm rays.  As the sun sets in the evening, the roof begins to cool. If there is a leak in the roof, the insulation or roof structure will become wet.  A higher thermal mass is found in wet insulation than that of the rest of the structure.  The infrared survey will be able to detect this moisture from a clear picture of the damaged area.  Because of the technical work involved, a professional should be used to detect a flat roof leak using infrared survey.

Two Options Of Finding A Flat Roof Leak Using Infrared Survey

There are two ways to search for a flat roof leak using infrared survey.  One is from a distance and the other is by performing a walk-on roof inspection.  Anytime you, or anyone else, is walking on a roof, it is extremely dangerous.  This is especially true if it is raining or if the roof is wet from a previous rain.  Obviously, if you are searching for a leak or moisture, there is a suspicion that the roof is wet, so use extreme caution if you opt for the walk-on inspection.  Let your contractor know that the roof may be slippery.  Being professionals, they are already likely to be aware of this fact, but it’s a good idea to remind them to be careful.

Detecting Problems Before It’s Too Late

Each day, roofs are ruined because of improper maintenance or simply because the damaged area cannot be located.  In order for a roof to last, it requires regular maintenance by the homeowners, but also by professional roofing contractors.  Regular checks should be done to search for leaks, cracks, rotting or other damage.  If left untreated, these problems can lead to the entire roof needing replaced.  This is not necessary if proper maintenance is done, including the use of infrared survey to find a flat roof leak.  Flat roofs are especially vulnerable to water damage because there is no roof slope for the water to flow to.  Often, water will pool in one area of a flat roof and begin to weigh down the structure, which will cause leaks and other structural problems.  The areas of moisture can quickly be identified using an infrared survey.

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