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Customer Service gets thrown around a lot these days but no company that I have ever worked with has better customer service than Steve and his crew from Roofer911. He come out to our home on a Sunday to inspect our leaky roof, correctly diagnosed our problem and had his crew out the next day fixing it. We were very happy with the honesty, professionalism and quality of the work done. Steve followed through with us on the progress of the work and even discussed the pros and cons on making a claim on our home owners policy to cover the repairs. My wife is a former insurance agent, and she agreed with Steve, that you should only make an insurance claim if the amount of repairs are going to be very expensive - it isn't worth a claim on your insurance if you can afford the cost of repairs. If your roof is in need of repair or replacement and you're looking for a company that offers good quality work at a fair price and stresses customer service, I would highly recommend you call Roofer911.
James Hensleybusiness
Fairfax, VA
March 13, 2011
Roofer911 - Northern VA

Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration Of Your Roof

By: Greg Smith

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Preventative maintenance often involves regular roof cleaning, which is often undertaken with professional pressure washing equipment. Yearly examination of your roof should be undertaken in order to identify and replace any damaged tiles, while it is also important to examine the state of the ridge caps between tiles.

Undertaking constant examination and minor roofing repairs is a highly recommended cost-effective procedure which will improve the long term lifespan of your roof.

Roof cleaning is a specialised trade which requires specific pressure washing equipment and cleaning accessories which are designed not to damage to the surface.

Common Roof Surfaces Include:

*  Colour bond Metal
*  Terracotta Tiles
*  Cement Tile
*  Shingles

Specific manufactory guidelines each outline different cleaning methods for each surface in order to prevent damage. Individuals attempting D-I-Y roof cleaning tasks should always seek professional advice prior to commencing the task.

Roof restoration can be undertaken on cement roof tiles after thoroughly pressure cleaning the surface. Restoration services can completely transform the appearance and presentation of a property, through renewed and vibrant colors.

For further information about roof cleaning and restoration visit Quickly Please Cleaning Services at

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