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Talk about customer service! Steven answered my call on Thursday morning and was on site within 15 minutes with his infrared camera. I had a proposal emailed to me within an hour. It was super easy to review and esign the proposal. I got a call the next day (Friday) to schedule the repairs for Monday. The roofers showed up Monday morning, professional and courteous. They spent all day on the roof and called and emailed me with pictures and updates. Some issues were found that hadn't been included in the original pricing, but they were fixed at no additional cost. The next morning I had a follow up message that the job was complete and we won't have any future leaks. I simply can't ask for anything more. I won't be calling anyone else any more, Roofer911 gets 5 gold stars and future business from Broadlands Association, Inc!
Sarah Gersteinbusiness
Ashburn, VA
February 6, 2013
Roofer911 - Northern VA

The Basics of Flat Roof Repair

Hire The Services Of Roofing Professional

Finding a leak and making repairs to a pitched roof is challenging enough; attempting the same process on a flat roof is nearly impossible. This is primarily because water damage on this type of roof will never show up anywhere near where the leak originally occurred.Flat Roof Repair The difference lies in predicting how the water will run. On a pitched roof, water will run where? Down. On a flat roof water runs - anywhere it has a mind to, which is why it will probably take the keen eye and experience of a professional roofing contractor to locate your leak and make the necessary flat roof repair.

The first step in is to get up there when the surface is completely dry. This climbing on top of a building is enough to make many folks run for the nearest phone to call their roofing specialist! Once you are on the roof, you can inspect for cracks or holes in the seams of the roof or flashing. Exposed nail heads are another place where water can get in and cause damage. You can also check for a ring of dirt or discoloration to the rocks or gravel that may signify a low spot in the roof where water tends to puddle. Check these spots for signs of cracks or holes as well.

Testing for leaks on a flat roof can be done - if you have the patience and a few hours to do so. It will require bringing a garden hose up to the roof and running it slowly at the drain points to see if a leak comes out of hiding.

Keep in mind that it can take many minutes before a leak on the outside will present itself inside. This process will need to be repeated over the entire roof, taking the better part of a day in some cases to discover the culprit. Once you find the point of the leak, you can begin the process of flat roof repair.

This is another point where many homeowners will opt to hire the services of a professional, since flat roof repair requires equipment that the average homeowner does not own and is rather expensive to rent or purchase. Many don't like the idea of spending hours doing handyman work a number of feet off the ground. To keep yourself safe on top of the roof, wear shoes with thick, non-skid soles and pay special attention to power lines located around your house. Do not use a ladder that is in need of repair and always climb one rung at a time. By following these steps, you can do much to prevent a potential accident.

Many homeowners opt to hire the services of a professional for residential or commercial roofing repair to ensure that the job is done right the first time.  We here at Roofer911 have plenty of experience in flat roof repair, and we will ensure that any problems with your roof are fixed and fixed right. Call Roofer 911 for all of your flat roofing needs.

Need flat roof repair products?  If so, please visit for all the information you may need from the manufacturers and distributors in your local area.

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