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Roof Repair
A job well done. Both workers were courteous and the lead person explained things to me very well as the work went forward. The original contact (Steve) who came to the house to estimate the work was also courteous. Thank you.
Thomas Plevyakbusiness
Reston, VA
September 2, 2013
Roofer911 - Northern VA

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A Home Owner's Guide to Buying a New Roof

A buyers guide to buying a new roof. Learn about roofing installation, roof shingles and roofing contractors.

About Miami Roofing Contractors -

Miami is a beautiful area and a nice place to live. However nature has its own role to play. The biggest danger in Miami and Southern Florida is hurricanes that can cause damage to your roof.

About Your South Florida Roof -

Roofer Mike offers an overview of the Miami roofing market for the benefit of South Florida homeowners.

Adobe Homes are Roofers' Delights -

Adobe homes are gorgeous. Because adobe is made from earth and water, and baked in the sun, it was a natural way to build a home in climates with lots of earth and little rain.

All Hail to Hail Resistant Shingles -

In 1996 Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) teamed up with the Institute of Business and Home Safety (BHA) and property insurance specialists to develop hail resistance standards for roofing materials.

Aluminum Shingles a Colorful Alternative Metal Roof

While many people may have heard of metal roofs, aluminum shingles are a relatively new addition to the metal roof possibilities. They have many advantages as roofing materials.

An Attic Fan for an Overheated Roof

The heat from your roof has to go somewhere. An attic fan keeps it out of your house.

Architectural Roof Shingles Enhance the Value of Your House

Architectural roof shingles are the latest trend in roofing materials. They are designed from high quality materials to enhance the cosmetic appearance of your home and give your roof a longer life.

Are You A Doofus When It Comes to Roof Safety?

When it comes to shorting yourself on roof safety, there is no excuse. You may think it isn't cool or that you have too much experience to warrant protecting yourself but consider the consequences.

Asphalt or Metal Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingles, if maintained with the best roof repair will last up to 25 years, but a metal roof has a much longer life.

Ballasted Roofing Systems are Cool -

Energy efficient roofs and ballasted roofs use technology developed to reduce the heating and damaging UV effects of the sun.

Barrel Tile Roofing Material -

Installing clay tile requires the expertise of the roofer who has experience in this particular type of roofing material.

Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Roofing -

Corrugated Plastic Roofing has its pros and cons. Your choices are either plastic or metal. There are basic qualities for each that make them better for your project.

Best Questions for Your Roofer -

Below is a list of specific questions you can ask your roofing contractor before they begin work on your property. Ask about references, payments, completion date and more.

Best Roofing Company -

The best roofing company is one that not only has experience replacing a roof, but can detect issues early enough that a simple repair job will extend the life of your roof significantly.

Bird Proofing for the Roofing Industry -

Over time, bird nests, droppings and other debris can severely degrade a roof, causing it to leak and possibly even collapse. All the more reason to bird proof your roof.

Can't See the Forest for My Timberline Roofing Shingles

In some rural areas of Virginia, Timberline roofing shingles are popular because they allow home owners to give their home the rustic look of wood shakes but have the durability of asphalt shingles.

Choosing a Roofing Contractor -

When you need to replace your roof you may not have time to research roofing contractors. Let Abelard help you in your time of need.

Choosing Shingles for a Twin Home

When you live in a twin home, knowing what shingle color to pick for your new roof can be tricky. This article breaks down some things you should consider to make the most of your twin roof.

Choosing Siding for Your Home -

When you are looking at the options that are available for siding your home, there are a number of things that you will want to consider.

Choosing the Right Roof for Your Home

Aside from choosing the right contractor for your roofing project perhaps the most important decision you will have to make, is choosing the roof itself.

Cleaning a Metal Roof

Keeping a metal roof clean is a good step toward preserving it and preventing roof repair. It's really important to do this if you live in location where you roof tend to attract mold and mildew.

Considering Roof Shingles? -

Shingles cover 80% of America's homes, but they are far from being all the same. Today's shingles come in a large variety of colors, styles, and materials to meet any homeowner's demands.

Did You Know About Ballasted Roofing Systems?

Ballasted roofing systems are found throughout the United States and are especially popular as worry-free roofs for large manufacturing and corporate buildings.

Don't Forget to Buy Drip Edge!

There are a few different shapes to the bends in the metal, depending on what kind of roof it is for, and whether there will be gutters.

Dramatic Angles Take Off with a Butterfly Roofs

Butteryfly roofs were part of the post war transformation from traditional home styles to mid-century modernism and feature clean simple designs and are still popular in Hawaii and in modern homes.

Drip Edge Flashing -

If you are looking at a house that has drip edge, you will see a strip of metal about an inch and a half wide just under the starter course of shingles along the edge of the roof.

Even Million Dollar Homes Get Roof Leaks -

So when the roof starts leaking, and you call a roofer for a price on a roof replacement, you'll find that million dollar homes can be expensive roofs to replace.

Getting the Right Amount of Insurance Deductible

If you raise your deductible to $500 or $1000 dollars, then your monthly premiums will go down. Ask about bundling options, putting auto and home insurance together for savings.

Hiring a Miami Commercial Roofing Contractor

The roofing system is an integral part of any building - both commercial as well as residential. However, it is one of the most exposed areas of your home or business centre.

House Turret Do's and Don'ts -

A house turret lends significant character to your house. There is a funny story about a Man and his Wife who's children had grown up and moved away, leaving the parent's in peace ...

How Can I Qualify for an Asphalt Shingles Tax Credit

Asphalt shingles tax credit qualifications are readily available at government web sites. Yes, there are tax credits available for house owners on various products including windows and roofs.

How Do I Get Roof Energy Rebates? -

Roof energy rebates have been made readily available by the Federal Government, as well as by some states.

How many is too many?

Stacking shingles on top of each other.

How many layers of roof shingles are allowed?

How many layers of roof shingles you can and should have on your roof.

How to have your roofing warranty voided?

This is how to honor your roofing warranty.

How To Install Roof Flashing

The most important part of learning how to install roof flashing is learning to think like water. Water follows gravity and its adhesive and cohesive properties also means...

Hurricane Damage Prevention is Simple -

The amount of hurricane damage that happens to your roof is pretty much dependent on the type of roofing materials used and how well they were installed.

Install A Shingle Roof

Tips To Installing A Shingle Roof. Installing A Shingle Roof & The Weather. When you're finished installing a shingle roof, be sure to clean up all excess material and other debris from your roof.

Is A Roof Valley Needed?

What is a roof valley anyway? When two roof surfaces meet on the inside corner of an 'L' shaped building, where they meet is called the valley. This can be a critical...

Judging a Roof's Life Span Before It's Too Late

Roofing life spans vary depending on the weight of the shingle, the pitch of the roof, building location, maintenance and other factors, including which trade association you consult.

Looking For SomeoneTo Install Roof Shingles

Finding a professional roofer can be total pain for homeowner's. Generally, if your city has some type of licensing board or building inspector; they can likely point you in the right direction.

Love Or Hate Architectural Roof Shingles? | Roofer 911

Also known as dimensional shingles, architectural roof shingles can make a roof look more than great but if your roofing contractor isn't up to snuff, the final results ultimately won't be so great!

Modern Asphalt Shingles

There is an even newer version of fiberglass shingles on the market called laminated glass fiber shingles. Also known as architectural shingles, they have two layers bound together with a sealant.

New Roof Preparations -

The vibrations from the work might cause delicate items to fall off shelves inside the house, so get everything in order before the new roof day begins.

Nobody Likes a Sagging Roof -

You could have something as simple as too much space between the rafters to serious, long term aging, insect or water damage or a combination of all three causing your roof to sag.

Preparing Your Roof for Hurricane Season

If you live in an area that is affected by hurricane season, use these tips to help keep your property investment secure.

Protecting Shrubbery and Plants During Roof Replacement

Roof damage can affect your home, but replacing the roof can do serious damage to shrubbery around the house. Learn some quick and easy ways to protect your lawn and shrubs during roof repairs.

Quality Assurance: Building Contractor's Guarantee

In today's economy, building contractors try to have the edge over other competitors. Often times, a bidding contractor will offer a contractor's guarantee, in addition to a manufacturer's warranty.

Replace or Repair Roofing? The Million Dollar Question

To repair or replace the roof is one of the most important questions a homeowner can ask. Given the large expense for roof replacement, homeowners often go as long as possible before replacing it.

Replace Roof Shingle - Roofing Tools and Procedures

It is time that the broken or missing shingle on the roof are replaced. If you miss them now, you run the risk of causing further, serious damage to the structure of the house and leaking roof!

Romancing the Clay Tile Roof -

Common roof repair problems with tile roofs can range from tiles loosening and sliding off, tiles breaking at the apex, cracking in the gullies, debris accumulating under the arches and more.

Roof Eaves Help Houses Breathe and Walls Stay Dry

Where the roof extends past the wall is called the roof eaves and these overhangs can be almost non-existent to very large as in Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie Style homes.

Roof Felt is Your First Level of Protection -

For over a hundred years roofers have been using felt as the first layer on a roof under shingles to protect against incoming water.

Roof Insurance - Avoiding Pitfalls And Overcoming Obstacles

Be informed about roof insurance provisions and exclusions so, you don't make unplanned repairs and land in financial trouble.

Roof Pitch Puts the Ball in Your Court

Talk about being haunted by the shades of high school geometry past but when it comes to figuring out roof pitch, you do actually owe a debt of gratitude to your math teacher

Roof Replacement Cost Depends On Many Variables

What is the cost of a roof replacement? The cost depends on many variables including material selection, height of the house, access to and slope of the roof. Flashing are also a major cost factor.

Roofing for Modular Homes -

Modular homes are like Lego sets; preformed sections of houses that mix and match. As a child, most of us loved those bright yellow, blue and red pieces of plastic with holes and nobbies sticking out.

Roofing Is Not a DIY Activity -

Roofing a DIY project should not be taken on even if you're in great shape, have some roofing skills and plenty of time. Hire a licensed, certified and insured roofer, you'll be happy you did!

Should I re-roof over old roof?

How do I determine if it is safe to re-roof over old roof? Should I re-roof over old roof?

Spanish or Mexican Tiles Go Perfectly with Adobe Style Homes

When you get an adobe, mission, or Spanish style home, putting Spanish or Mexican tiles on the roof is the crowning touch.

Support Your Roof Trusses -

Roof trusses are the rigid and stable triangular supports that hold up your roof and distribute the weight of that roof away from the walls of your home.

Tar Paper -

Underneath your roof's shingles is tar paper, the last line of defense against moisture.

The History of Roofing Nails -

Roofing nails are designed to be short with wide heads. The length is enough to attach the shingle to the roof deck but not puncture a hole all the way through.

The Life Of Roof Shingles -

Asphalt roof shingles are so common because they combine good looks, affordability and durability and are the most easily obtained.

The Truth About Rejected Insurance Claims

Why your insurance company will screw you because of a roof leak.

Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home is a great opportunity if you find yourself less than satisfied with your home but love you community, relationships with your neighbors and simply don't want to deal with moving.

Time For Roof Replacement

When choosing the material for your roof replacement, consider these factors: your geographical area and weather conditions, the lifetime of the material, the style and look of the material.

Time To Replace The Roof - Signs To Look For

There are certain tell tale signs which indicate that a roof requires replacement. They are as follows:

Top Things To Look For When Choosing A Contractor

When choosing a roofing contractor, there are many things to keep in mind that will help you make the best choice. In this article you will find some helpful tips about how to select the best contractors to do work on your home.

Tornado Damage Can be a Wild Ride -

Tornado damage is something most homeowners hope that they never have to face. It is devastating, can range from minor damage to or all out, right-down-to-the-ground destruction of your home.

Types of Roof Vents - Roofer911

roof vent types

Video: Those Pesky Roof Nail Holes

Roof nail holes might be the reason your brand new roof is leaking.

Walking on a Clay Tile Roofs -

You will notice there is a section on each tile where it overlaps the tile below it. This is where the tile will give you the most support, so this is where you should place your steps.

What are the nasty black streaks on my roof?

Get those black stains off my roof now!

What Does Hail Damage Look Like On A Roof? -

Hail can travel up to 90 miles an hour and strikes your roof with great force. Hail can damage your gutters, siding, windows, in addition to how it affects your roof, it can dent or break shingles

What is a V-Crimp Roof? -

A v-crimp roof is a style of tin roof. Roofs made from tin are great for sheds and small structures like garages needing secure and in-expensive roofing that is relatively easy to install.

What to Expect During Roof Replacement

Having your roof replaced is a big undertaking. Not only does it effect your schedule and your home, but it also has the potential of disturbing your neighbors.

What You Need to Know to Keep a Slate Roof Alive for Centuries

Roofing installation procedures for slate roofing and slate roof repairs. Every you need to know about slate roofs.

When Roofing Contractors Mess Up

Replacing your roof is a serious investment of both time and money. When you spend thousands of dollars to replace or repair your roof you want the job done right.

Where the Roof Moss Grows - Roofer911

The term 'roof moss' conjures up pictures of quaint country cottages and fairy tales where little old grandmothers treat the children to milk and cookies under a trellis of rose vines.

Why is my roof now leaking after 12 years?

I thought my roof would last for 25 years.

You Control Your Roof Replacement Cost -

Despite opinion to the contrary, you control a lot more than you think you do when it comes to the roof replacement cost for your home.

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We Proudly Accept
What People Say About Us
Roof Repair
We had a roof leak around midnight on a Friday, and Steve and his team had the problem diagnosed and completely fixed by noon the next day - for a very reasonable price. Great work!
Falls Church, VA
March 29, 2009
Roofer911 - Northern VA

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