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Extremely fast and professional work. It would be nice to revisit this survey in one year to verify the effectiveness of the repair. Paid top dollar, but looks like it will be worth it.
tom bishopbusiness
Leesburg, VA
July 9, 2009
Roofer911 - Northern VA

Pages about: Ice Dam

Alternative Uses for Leaky Gutters

If your leaky gutters are beyond repair, you can find other uses for them.

Aluminum Ridge Vents -

When fastening an aluminum ridge vent into place, the best method is screwing into the rafters on center which will prevent wind blow-off.

Attic Ventilation VA | 703-475-2446 | Roofer 911

How do I Know if my Roof isn't Properly Ventilated? Free attic ventilation inspection from roofers with forty years experience. FREE ESTIMATE!

Basement Flooding Causes Include Bad Roofing Jobs

Any backed up water and roof leaks from ice dams and bad gutters requires immediate roof repair to prevent leaking all down the structure of your house and into the basement.

Causes and Solutions for a Roof Leak

There's many reason's your roof may be leaking; most likely it's due to weathering and wind damage caused to the flashing surrounding the roof, surrounding your chimney or surrounding your air vents.

Causes For Roof Damage

The reasons for roof damage are many and cannot all be illustrated here, but the major ones are from snow, hail storm or gust of wind.

Choosing Gutters for Your Home -

Gutters: every house needs them, but unlike when the paint on your home cracks and fades and you notice from a distance that there's a problem, when it comes to gutters not everyone pays attention

Common Causes and Remedies for a Ridge Vent Leak

Ridge vents are the metal capping that sits across the roof line that allows hot air from your attic to escape, allowing cooler air from outside to be sucked back into the attic by the intake vents.

Continuous Ridge Vent -

Why use a continuous ridge vent? Because it single-handedly lengthens the life of your roof and cuts your energy bills. One of the main reasons...

Don't Leave Your Gutters Alone

Your gutters need TLC this time of the year.

Don't Let Roofing Problems Hang Over Your Head

Roofing problems are caused for a variety of reasons and, if left untended long enough, will result in costly roof repairs.

Frozen Gutters are Not a Winter Treat -

Get your gutters cleaned in the fall. Have a contractor verify that you have good ventilation and insulation so heat stays in your house and the outside air can blow through the attic.

Get On Top of Roofing Repairs -

If your shingles are more than a decade old, climb up and take a look. We tend to treat the roofs on our homes the way we treat the brakes on our cars.

Gutter Cleaning For Roof Health

After the last leaves have fallen, it's time to schedule gutter cleaning to make sure your roof is prepared for winter weather.

Health Effects of Black Mold

We come into contact with organic materials floating around in the air all the time, but we need to be careful about being exposed to black mold. It is a toxic substance that can make you quite ill.

Heavy Snowfall... Winter fun or roofing nightmare?

Heavy snow not only adds excessive weight to your roof, which can cause major roof damage, but sets in motion a really annoying (and potentially expensive) phenomenon called the ice dam.

How do I know if there is water damage inside my walls?

Before I buy this house I want to know its real condition.

How Much Attic Ventilation Prevents Ice Dams? - Roofer911

The amount of attic ventilation you need to have to prevent ice dams from building up along the edges of your roof is a science. There is a balance...

How to Safely Shovel Snow Off Your Roof

Snow can be a roof's worst enemy. The weight of snow on even the sturdiest roof can cause structural or leakage problems. One of the biggest problems is when the snow melts and then re-freezes.

Ice Dam - Cause and Prevention

Ice dam is usually caused by improper attic ventilation. This article explains the causes and prevention of ice dam.

Ice Dam Prevention, Repair | 703-475-2446 | Roofer 911

When the weather gets cold roof ice dams can appear and have the potential to cause severe interior damage to all levels of the home if not repaired. Free Estimates!

Ice Dam Solutions For Eager Beaver Homeowners

An ice dam is formed during the winter after a heavy snowfall followed by several days of thawing and refreezing.

Ice Damming... Roofers are not always to blame!

Your roof over your home is being damaged by ice dam. Ice dam can cause bad roof leaks and ruin the inside of your home.

Ice Dams | Black Mold | Insulation Failure |

How does heat enter the attic, and how can those heat sources be reduced? Also how does heat exit the attic?

Infrared Heat Loss Survey | Missing ro Wet Insulation, VA

Roofer911 detects wet insulation inside walls, ceilings and floors caused by roof leaks and or ice dam in all areas of Northern Virginia, VA. FREE ESTIMATES!

Is Your Roof Ready For Winter? Snow Guard Now

Our adaptable line of snow guards blends the functionality, reliability, and strength of polycarbonate with the appearance, attractiveness, and decorative appeal of metal.

Let It Rain! - Whats it's like to be a Roofer in Vancouver BC?

Being a roofer in Vancouver Canada has its challenges. Vancouver's annual rain fall is an average of 1154 mm in about 166 days and, at its most extreme, a daily rainfall can be up to 80 mm.

My Roof Valley Is Leaking! -

Roof valley leaks happen because the seam joints between the roof gables are no longer watertight or may have been installed improperly from the start.

Prevent Ice Dams Before They Damage Your Roof

Ice dam prevention begins with stopping heat loss and increasing ventilation. Where this usually is an issue is at the attic floor edge.

Remove Ice Dams in Gutters -

Leaking over the edge of a frozen gutter, it can seep through the soffit, fascia, walls and windows. You'll end up with rot, mildew, mold and obvious signs of water damage inside the house.

Roofing Snow Melt Protection -

As the temperatures warm up and the snow begins to melt, the running water will likely find it's way into any crack or puncture caused by the excessive weight of the snow and ice.

Sagging Gutters Hide Rotten Fascia Board -

You won't necessarily be able to see a rotten fascia board, but you can see its effects. Fascia boards are the ones attached to the ends of the rafters holding up your roof.

Salty Solutions to Calcium Chloride Roof Damage

Calcium chloride is ice melt, those small white pellets like giant table salt that you throw down to melt ice on your sidewalk. Why do you care about ice on the roof when you're not walking on it?

Scary Stories From The Attic, Part II

Proper attic ventilation consists of exhaust and intake vents. Peeling paint, deteriorated roof shingles and more from poor ventilation.

Snow & Ice Shied Installation -

Snow & Ice Shield Protects Your Home. The cold temperatures and build-up of snow and ice can cause a wide array of roofing problems.

Some Ice Dam Products Avoid Solving the Problem

Effective ice dam products are various systems to provide heat to the eaves and gutters, such as heat cables or tape for the do-it-yourselfer

The Effects of Melting Snow and Roof Leaks.

The roof is constantly beaing battered by many different forces of nature, and melting snow is one of them. Find out why melting snow and roof leaks go hand in hand and how to fix it.

The Secret to Leaky Gutter Repair

A secret tip for leaky gutter repair is revealed!

Vent Baffles are Anything but Baffling -

Vent baffles, also referred to as vent chutes or rafter vents, are used to keep insulation from blocking air flow through the attic, thus allowing the air to travel upward and out through the exhaust vents.

Water Damage Has Put a Brown Ring in My House

If only enough water is getting in to make brown stains on your ceiling, but then evaporates... before the ceiling falls in...

What is a Fascia Panel? -

Fascia has traditionally been made of wood but vinyl has become much more popular in humid areas because it lasts longer. Wood, when exposed to moisture can rot. Also, when it gets wet and then dries out

What Is A Roof Rake And Why Should I Care?

Roof rakes also aid in keeping roof repair expenses down since lessening the weight of snow on the roof takes stress off the your home's structure and stops ice dams from forming by removing

What's Causing The Roof Leak? -

Just because your roof is leaking doesn't necessarily mean there is a hole in it. In this article we'll take a look at some of the 'other' causes of leaking roofs.

Why Insulate an Attic? -

Insulating provides two functions, thermal resistance and thermal loss. In summer, when the sun heats up the roof, the air in the attic gets very warm. At night, the air cools rapidly which creates condensation.

Why you need an Attic Fan -

Most homeowner's will find that the overall cost of an attic fan and the thermostat regulator is much less expensive than subsequent air conditioning bills in the summer months. Find out how.

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Roof Repair, Infrared
Very nice service, very prompt and efficient along with same day service. Personally, I felt the price was a little expensive.
Renu Ontbusiness
Potomac falls, VA
March 4, 2013
Roofer911 - Northern VA

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