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Roof Repair, Infrared
Friendly and fast service! Thank you.
Shawn Mizebusiness
Ashburn, VA
June 13, 2011
Roofer911 - Northern VA

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Scary Stories From The Attic, Part III

Proper attic ventilation consists of exhaust vents and intake vents. Article: Ventilation Failure... Black Mold.

3 Things to Do Immediately After Detecting a Roof Leak

After the first sounds of water dripping into the house interrupt your peace of mind and confidence in your roof's ability to keep you dry, there are three important things that you should do.

A Gable Vent Leak is a Crying Shame -

Sometimes the gable vent is an innocent bystander and the wind is the real culprit when it comes to your leak. If high winds are the problem causing your gable vent leak, consider replacing

A Mysterious Roof Leak -

Customers called us to inspect their old house because they weren't sure if they had a roof leak problem or a condensation buildup.

Alternative Uses for Leaky Gutters

If your leaky gutters are beyond repair, you can find other uses for them.

Aluminum Ridge Vents -

When fastening an aluminum ridge vent into place, the best method is screwing into the rafters on center which will prevent wind blow-off.

Asphalt Roofing Shingles and My Flooded Basement

Basements don't always flood for the right reason, if this makes any sense, since your asphalt roofing shingles could be a fault.

Avoid Roof Leaks and Damaging Black Mold -

Black mold might seem like just an eye sore, but the fact of the matter is it can actually make people very sick if it is not taken care of it immediately when it first occurs.

Black Mold Creeps Like Shadows in the Night

Black mold creeps along your walls and takes over your home.

Black Mold is a Health Invasion

Don't procrastinate with black mold removal. Your health depends on it.

Black Mold is Tougher Than the Structure of Your Home

Toxic molds such as the infamous black mold are a form of fungus, one of the most common forms, in fact. Learn More!

Black Mold Prevention -

To prevent black mold, keep your home dry and have your roof and attic inspected.

Cedar Shake Roofing -

There are things you can do to clean and maintain your cedar shake roofing that will protect it from damage and help delay the need for roof repair by a professional roofer.

Characteristics of Black Mold

Black mold colonizes in these areas and spreads out, usually by climbing up the walls. It grows on the surface of drywall and into the insulation behind the walls

Chimney Leak Repair Needed Now!

If this house does not get a chimney leak repair very soon , it will be in BIG trouble!

Cleaning a Metal Roof

Keeping a metal roof clean is a good step toward preserving it and preventing roof repair. It's really important to do this if you live in location where you roof tend to attract mold and mildew.

Creative Attic Renovations -

Practically speaking, the first phase of renovation will be to make sure that your attic is sufficiently aerated with vents, possibly requiring a ridge vent.

DIY Roof Cleaning Safety -

Maintaining a roof in tiptop condition includes removing dirt and organic debris, so it's good to be aware of roof cleaning safety.

Don't Let Roofing Problems Hang Over Your Head

Roofing problems are caused for a variety of reasons and, if left untended long enough, will result in costly roof repairs.

Emergency Roof Repair Does More Than Keep You Dry

Your home and health are at risk when you have a gaping hole through your roof.

Emergency Roof Repair That Didn't Need to Happen

Emergency roof repair is sometimes needed for the home owner, not the roof.

Five Common Types of Roof Insulation

Insulating the underside of your roof is just as important as providing a good, solid exterior roofing material. Unlike the days of old, there are now many more insulation options available.

Green Ways to Insulate Your Roof

Installing roof insulation can cut down on heating and cooling bills significantly and reduce energy waste. If your budget allows, choose one of these environmentally friendly options.

Health Effects of Black Mold

We come into contact with organic materials floating around in the air all the time, but we need to be careful about being exposed to black mold. It is a toxic substance that can make you quite ill.

How do I know if there is water damage inside my walls?

Before I buy this house I want to know its real condition.

How to Avoid Black Mold -

Black mold, like all mold and mildew, thrives in a damp environment. This is why keeping your roof in good repair is so important to the wellbeing not just of your house, but your entire family.

How to Clean Moss Off Roof Shingles

How to clean moss off roof shingles, especially brittle cedar ones, is a consideration for all homeowners in neighborhoods with lots of shade trees and abundant rainfall and humidity.

Ice Dams | Black Mold | Insulation Failure |

How does heat enter the attic, and how can those heat sources be reduced? Also how does heat exit the attic?

Infrared Energy Audit for an Attic Fan Installation

Energy efficiency in a home is highly influenced by the amount of heat radiating down from the attic, but an attic fan installation can do a lot to reduce your energy bill.

Infrared Moisture Detection for Mold Prevention

Infrared moisture detection can save your life.

J Channel -

J channel siding is a special design of vinyl and even metal siding. It was invented to allow moisture to run down the inside of the siding and not touch the wood of the house. Created to conduct moisture away

Roof Algae Should Not Creep Into Your Life

If you can see a dark stain forming on your asphalt shingles and it spreads, you have an algae problem. Don't be fooled if it seems to prefer one side of the roof.

Roof Vent Pipe Leak | Leaky Vent Pipe Flange |

The trick to this kind of roof repair is to make sure the collar fits snugly on the pipe and the edges where it touches the shingles are well-sealed with roofing.

Same Day Service with

With same day service provided by Roofer911 we are able to prevent further damage to your roof and siding and prevent the development of mold.

Stop Ceiling Drywall Repair: Fix Your Roof

Ceiling drywall repair is a matter for the drywall and painting experts, right? Ask any homeowner after a wet summer or a really cold and snowy winter.

The Benefits of Venting Your Roof

Proper ventilation is actually very important to maintaining the life and integrity of your roof and home. Ventilation helps maintain a proper balance of fresh air.

The Heartbreak of Black Mold -

High humidity and poor air circulation are big culprits when it comes to producing ideal growing conditions for black mold on walls and ceilings.

The Secret to Locating Chimney Roof Leaks -

The trouble with chimney roof leaks is they can allow water to get into parts of your house where you least expect to find it. These leaks are often attributed...

This Could Be You!

It's true! Overflowing gutters can fill up your basement.

Tricky Hidden Roof Leaks

Hidden roof leaks are not easy to detect when the interior of a house has been freshly painted.

Vapor Barrier Won't Stop Bad Breath -

A vapor barrier isn't what you use to keep smells on one side of your house, though it may work. The purpose of vapor barrier is for preventing insulation from getting wet.

Water Damage Has Put a Brown Ring in My House

If only enough water is getting in to make brown stains on your ceiling, but then evaporates... before the ceiling falls in...

Your Attic Needs a Roof Fan -

A roof fan is a necessity for your attic to it pull excess heat and moisture out and away from your home's roof. It provides the circulating air necessary to reduce mold and keeps energy bills down

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We Proudly Accept
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Roof Repair
Very fast, effficient service. Steven inspected the roof the day I called and it was repaired the next day. There was no leaking after the snow storm this past week, so it appears that the job was done right.
Ken Weinerbusiness
Alexandria, VA
December 30, 2009
Roofer911 - Northern VA

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