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Attic Fan
Prompt diagnosis of the problem with infrared Saturday and fixed on the next day, a Sunday. Cleaned up well and reasonably priced. Would definitely use them again.
Chris Farrellbusiness
Falls Church, VA
August 8, 2012
Roofer911 - Northern VA

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A Gable Vent Leak is a Crying Shame -

Sometimes the gable vent is an innocent bystander and the wind is the real culprit when it comes to your leak. If high winds are the problem causing your gable vent leak, consider replacing

A Homeowner Concern for Roof Repair

Is roof repair the solution for this homeowner's water damage?

An Attic Fan for an Overheated Roof

The heat from your roof has to go somewhere. An attic fan keeps it out of your house.

An Attic Fan Provides Cooling Ventilation

With a good attic fan, the ventilation in your attic helps cool the house in the summer.

Attic Vents and Strange Events -

When the baby birds were strong enough, they hopped out of the nest and as a group tiptoed around the attic, propelling their way through the insulation by pushing with their tiny talons.

Calculate Heat Loss with Infrared Camera -

Using infrared cameras we scan the walls and ceilings in your house. We see precisely where you are having 'energy leaks' from the attic. The insulation may look fine to the naked eye,

Characteristics of Black Mold

Black mold colonizes in these areas and spreads out, usually by climbing up the walls. It grows on the surface of drywall and into the insulation behind the walls

Continuous Ridge Vent -

Why use a continuous ridge vent? Because it single-handedly lengthens the life of your roof and cuts your energy bills. One of the main reasons...

Copper Roof Vents are in Vogue -

Copper roof vents add a distinctive look to your home that does not compare with any other roofing material.

Creative Attic Renovations -

Practically speaking, the first phase of renovation will be to make sure that your attic is sufficiently aerated with vents, possibly requiring a ridge vent.

Don't Get Burned With Solar Panels -

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic modules or photovoltaic panels, are collections of individual solar cells set into panels.

Frozen Gutters are Not a Winter Treat -

Get your gutters cleaned in the fall. Have a contractor verify that you have good ventilation and insulation so heat stays in your house and the outside air can blow through the attic.

Gable Vent Leak

A gable vent leak can be so bad it will seem like you have a waterfall coming in through your walls under that part of your house.

Health Effects of Black Mold

We come into contact with organic materials floating around in the air all the time, but we need to be careful about being exposed to black mold. It is a toxic substance that can make you quite ill.

Heat Loss Calculator -

You can go onto the Internet and find a heat loss calculator that is supposed to give you an idea of your home's energy inefficiency. You may run into an interesting

Heavy Snowfall... Winter fun or roofing nightmare?

Heavy snow not only adds excessive weight to your roof, which can cause major roof damage, but sets in motion a really annoying (and potentially expensive) phenomenon called the ice dam.

How to Prevent Heat Loss Through Your Roof

If you took a thermal camera and looked at how much energy was escaping out of the top of your house, transpose those red streams of energy into a river of dollar bills that you are throwing out.

Ice Dam Removal, Prevention | 703-475-2446 | Roofer 911

At Roofer911 we stop and prevent all ice dam leaks the first time...guaranteed! Serving all areas of Northern VA, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William county. Free Estimates!

Ice Dam Solutions For Eager Beaver Homeowners

An ice dam is formed during the winter after a heavy snowfall followed by several days of thawing and refreezing.

Infrared Energy Audit for an Attic Fan Installation

Energy efficiency in a home is highly influenced by the amount of heat radiating down from the attic, but an attic fan installation can do a lot to reduce your energy bill.

Installing a Continuous Ridge Vent | Ridge Vent Blog

Vents that run the ridge peak of your roof allow for the maximum amount of ventilation. The soffit vents allow air in while the ridge vents allow air out. A natural vector current is formed

Installing a Roof Vent Pipe -

Vent pipes allow humidity and noxious gases to escape from the interior of your home. The benefits of installing them are multiple and immediately discernable. The more

Lighten Up Your Home with Skylights -

There are three main types of skylight to choose from such as, fixed skylights, ventilating skylights, and tubular skylights. Make sure you choose a qualified roofing contractor for your installation.

Look Overhead for Roof Vents for Dryers

Older homes have been known to use the cheap and cheerful slinky-like flexible duct that traps lint within leading to vent clogging and ultimately dryer fire.

Prevent Ice Dams Before They Damage Your Roof

Ice dam prevention begins with stopping heat loss and increasing ventilation. Where this usually is an issue is at the attic floor edge.

Put Attic Humidity in its Proper Place -

While it may seem a great idea to have attic humidity, rather than having it in your house, it's just not good up there either. It might create a great environment for a new mushroom farm.

Remove Ice Dams in Gutters -

Leaking over the edge of a frozen gutter, it can seep through the soffit, fascia, walls and windows. You'll end up with rot, mildew, mold and obvious signs of water damage inside the house.

Should Dryer Vent Pipe Be insulated?

Dryer vent pipe takes the warm moist air from your dryer and puts it outside the house so it won't lead to damage that could cause problems.

Solar Roof Fans -

Solar roof fans are an excellent way to reduce your energy and your roof repair bills. Homeowners are increasingly using solar solutions because they are cost effective.

Tips for Insulating Roofs -

Insulating roofs is a really important consideration for both residential and commercial properties. Roofing materials like cedar shakes, clay tiles and asphalt tiles already have some insulation value, however metal roofs

Types of Roof Vents - Roofer911

roof vent types

Types of Soffit Vents -

Soffit vents are important components for homeowners to consider for their roof. Many attic and roof ailments go away by making sure that your roof is adequately ventilated.

Vent Baffles are Anything but Baffling -

Vent baffles, also referred to as vent chutes or rafter vents, are used to keep insulation from blocking air flow through the attic, thus allowing the air to travel upward and out through the exhaust vents.

What is Attic Wind? -

Attic wind is a phenomenon known fondly by roofers as one of their greatest allies for keeping mold, mildew, and dry rot out of your attic and off of your roof.

What is the Right Size Roof Fan?

A roof fan is a very important part of keeping your utility bills low and extend the life of your roof. Attic heat can quickly rise up to 150 degrees or more which can cause

Why Insulate an Attic? -

Insulating provides two functions, thermal resistance and thermal loss. In summer, when the sun heats up the roof, the air in the attic gets very warm. At night, the air cools rapidly which creates condensation.

Why is a wind-driven rain a problem for this house?

What's wrong with this picture?

Why is my ridge vent leaking?

A ridge vent leak can allow gallons of rainwater into your house.

You Don't have to be a Math Wiz to Calculate for Heat Loss

When you want to calculate for heat loss for your home, you have to go room by room and take into account the room size, windows, doors, floors and ceilings. You can use the following simple

Your Attic Needs a Roof Fan -

A roof fan is a necessity for your attic to it pull excess heat and moisture out and away from your home's roof. It provides the circulating air necessary to reduce mold and keeps energy bills down

[Page Title] - Roofer911

Air is one of the most important element on Earth. It is important that a good constant supply of air is supplied and flowing freely, including in our homes. Checking and making sure that your home roofing ventilation system is working efficiently could benefit your health, your safety, and even your roof's lifespan.

[Page Title] - Roofer911

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Gutter Installation
Steve of "Roofer 911" is an outstanding person. His honesty, punctuality, knowledge, customer service and fairness is truly unique. His diagnosis was just perfect, but the degree of his certainty was astounding!! I called him for the roof leackage. He checked out and within five minutes said " I guarantee the leakage is 99.9% from your gutters. I'll repair your gutters, you wait for a couple of heavy rains and you'll see." He then repaired the gutters for a fraction of the cost of roof repair. He did this on a Sunday, since I was in a rush to deliver the house to my tenants. Later he proved to be 100% right. It has been four months since then and the leakage stopped there and then. No other roofer got even close to this. It was like everyone's eyes could only see the roof and not the gutters. He saved me time, money and hassel. I wish every contractor was like Steve. To me he acted like a symbol contractor.
Shahnaz Javidbusiness
Reston, VA
December 26, 2009
Roofer911 - Northern VA

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