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I contacted Steve after I had some leaking to what I thought was due to the hurricane. Steve came over and after conducting an infrared moisture survey he found it was due to incorrect installation by the builder. He had a proposal to me within 15 minutes of leaving my residence and the work was completed by the end of the day. We just had our first rain since the repair and the attic is dry as a bone! I recommend Roofer911 to anyone looking for a professionally run roofing company; quality same day service.
Jack Gleasonbusiness
Manassas, VA
November 13, 2012
Roofer911 - Northern VA

Bamboo Roofing

By: Jessica Ackerman

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Bamboo is one of the greenest, most sustainable materials on Earth. It grows quickly and abundantly. Harvest time is approximately every seven years, which makes it a fast growing option, as well. Unlike wood, bamboo has a lot of natural give to its construction. It can absorb impacts and is able to bend more than other materials. There are different varieties of bamboo and each type varies in thickness and strength. While the base of the bamboo stalk is wider than the rest of the plant, it is usually very consistent in diameter thereafter. Bamboo is most widely used in basket making, boards or laminate flooring and construction. It can also be a source of nutrition upon harvesting.

Treating Bamboo for Construction Use

When used as a construction material, bamboo must be cured and treated to prevent it from rotting or being infested with insects. While there are many different ways to cure bamboo, the easiest and most effective is simply to air dry it vertically. After it has been dried, a combination of chemicals, such as, boric acid and borax are used to treat it. The entire process can take a few months, but in the end, the treated bamboo will be able to withstand the vigors of construction use.

Building a Bamboo Roof

After the bamboo has been harvested, dried and treated, it can be used in construction. One of the best roofing methods using bamboo is one that uses pre-fabricated bamboo trusses, as well as bamboo boards. The trusses are usually constructed in a triangle shape, which gives the roof an entirely different look than most Western-style homes. The key to using bamboo is to coat it in plaster after construction. This not only helps protect the bamboo fibers, but also helps to fireproof the structure. Fired clay tiles can then be placed on top of the exterior roof to prevent moisture, mildew, fungus, and insects from destroying the strong, but vulnerable bamboo material.

Cons for Bamboo Roofing

Unlike traditional roofing materials in the United States, bamboo roofing can be quite costly compared to other types of roofs. While it is eco-friendly and sustainable, it also comes at a greater expense. Although bamboo roofing materials can be found in the style of traditionally Western-style roofs, they are at their strongest when used with triangular trusses. If the look of a triangular roof is not appealing to you, you may want to consider other options. Investing in a bamboo roof structure is big undertaking. Be sure to consider all the pros and cons related to the material, its life span and its durability in your particular area. Contact bamboo roofing specialists to discuss additional concerns or to discuss the possibility of having a bamboo roof installed on your home.

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